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Onemop provides the most reliable and effective residential cleaning services in Dubai. We cater to apartments, villas and condos in Dubai.

House Cleaning

Imagine coming home to a fresh smelling home after a hard day of work. We at Onemop can assure of a house that is clean and perfect with the service provided by our team. With us homeowners can be rest assured of the most reliable and cost effective house cleaning service in Dubai. Our house cleaning services are specially designed for villas, flats, condos and houses.


We at Onemop also provide specialized housekeeping services for small sized business establishments like hypermarkets, salons and coffee shops to large business establishments like hotels, office complexes and malls in Dubai.

Party Help

We at Onemop know how much effort and planning it takes to organize a party. Why take thr burden of cleaning the premises for your party before and after the event? We believe you should focus on entertaining your friends and family or clients as a host. We pay attention to every minute detail of the cleaning process. With our efficient cleaning service you can be rest assured that there will be no mess left after the party is over.

Kitchen Cleaning

Tired after entertaining guest over the weekend? Does your kitchen resemble a warzone after a long and extravagant dinner? We at Onemop provide the best kitchen cleaning services in Dubai.

  • Floor mopping
  • Kitchen Cabinet and Appliance Swiping.
  • Dish washing
  • Sink and rack cleaning.
  • Refrigerator cleaning.
  • Clean the greasy kitchen stoves.

Seeing a pile of dishes in the sink or dirty kitchen floors and greasy utensils is an eyesore. We can help you take care of this mess by doing the kitchen cleaning service for you. Regular cleaning services are provided by our team for households and businesses in Dubai. The following is the scope of our works.

Oven Cleaning

Your oven is one of the most easily stained appliances. Our team of cleaning experts will clean every inch of your oven, from the inside to the outside. All the oven racks will be removed and cleaned individually. After which the team will ensure that the interior of the oven is completely cleaned and rinsed, including the oven walls and the inside of the door. We make sure you can see the inside of your oven through the door once again.

Refrigerator Cleaning

Your refrigerator is the place where you store your food. Its cleanliness is of utmost importance. Yet it is the most daunting and often most neglected. Onemop is the one stop solution for specialized refrigerator cleaning services in Dubai.

Kitchen Cabinet / Clothes Arrangements

Onemop specializes in Kitchen cabinet cleaning. A lot of your kitchen cabinet space is not easily accessible both visually and physically. Our team of cleaning experts is equipped with theirght tools and equipment to ensure that every nook and corner of your cabinet space is cleaned thoroughly.

Bathroom Cleaning

Our team at Onemop provides bathroom cleaning service in Dubai for households and office spaces. The cleaning staff consists of well trained and polite staff that is efficient and courteous. We make sure that there is no compromise on hygiene and cleanliness when it comes to providing bathroom cleaning services in Dubai. The scope of our services includes:

  • Cleaning of bath, shower, toilet and sinks.
  • Sweeping and mopping bathroom floors.
  • Cleaning out rubbish bins and trays.
Move in Move Out Cleaning

Moving in or moving out of a living or office space can be a daunting task, Onemop provides the best home and commercial space cleaning service in Dubai for people moving in or moving out of alving and commercial space in Dubai.

Maid Services

Do you find yourself not having the time to clean and maintain your house the way you wish to? If yes, then we have the perfect solution. Our maid on call offer gives homeowners in Dubai the convenience to hire our housemaid cleaning service to carry out a variety of cleaning and housekeeping services at their residence.

Ironing Services

Ironing our laundry is one of the most dreadful chores in a household. Not anymore. With Onemop you can let us do the ironing for you while you spend time with your family and loved ones. Onemop provides the best ironing service in Dubai. Our expert team of maids will be available at regular intervals on a weekly basis to cater to your laundry ironing requirements.

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